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Presentation Zen

Presentation Zen Book

Presentation Zen Book

I just finished this awesome book “Presentation Zen” by Garr Raynolds. It is an eye opening book about how to give awesome presentations. He call presenting an art that can learn a lot by observing the arts of Zen. Showing how to balance the empty and filled space of a slide to create harmony. A harmony that not only enhances your slides, but lets you connect to the audience not only on an analytical but emotional level. He gives a lot of examples on what to take into account. Garr is not only drawing his inspiration from the Zen arts but reaches out to all sort of design related topics, such as movies or comic books.The one key thing the book showed me how much I can profit from thinking more visually like a designer.


I can only recommend this book to everyone that want to get away from boring bullet point slides that make any audience fall asleep. Here is the Amazon link “Presentation Zen“. tT complement this book and get more examples and inspiration on how to give awesome talks look at Garr’s blog.

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