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The Back of the Napkin

The Back of the NapkinFirst, no this book is not a pile of napkins it is printed on real paper. “The Back of the Napkin” is not a book that specializes on presentations as in the sence of slides. On the contrary it completly ignores slides for that matter and only focuses on what everyone can do on the back of a napkin.
What the book tells us is how to use our visual brain to solve problems. It actually describes a very powerful way to tackle and solve problems of any kind. Not only did I learn a powerful way to look at problems but more importantly it gave me an even more efficient way to communicate my ideas. One great take away is the Swiss Army knife of visual thinking. This knife helps you tackle almost all problems you will ever encounter. First it gives you the three ways of seeing, followed by the four steps of thinking and the questions and ways that help maettialize a solution by showing the problem in a clear way. So if you got interested buy the book it is totally worth it. Let’s see if I ever will read a book that I won’t like. Stay tuned I am already reading the next one, this time its more about how to get out of your own way.
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