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Brain Rules

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Ever wondered what you can do to keep your brain oiled like a good old engine? Then knowing your brain or knowing everything there is so far known will give you the edge you need. I know, I myself don’t have the time to keep up with all the findings in neurology. But I can tell you there is a good short cut. Read Brain Rules where established molecular biologist Dr. John J. Medina gives us a superb summary on how to utilize state of the art findings in brain science.

Instead of reading a summary written by me I’ll show you a slide show I found on It is a summary by Garr Reynolds the author of the book PresentaionZen. And yes it is the first book I blogged about and yes it is about presentations, so be aware that those slides are awesome.

Want to know all the rules and get some more background, then visit and buy the book.

And always remember to take that nap. That is i guess the one rule I am now using the most, plus I am feeling guilty not to do sports even more than ever before.

What do you guys do to keep your brain running?

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