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Getting Things Done


Although I’m currently “only” a grad student, I am too swamped with work. So I figured I should consult the almighty literature to see if there are ways I can increase my productivity. Some friends suggested me to read Getting Things Done by David Allen. I think it really helped.
The two main points that the book really helped me with are:

  1. Getting organized.
  2. Embrace the ever changing nature of todays life.

I now started to write down and organize my ToDo’s into projects and organize all reference material separately. With that I stopped creating daily ToDo lists. As David Allen describes that todays life is so dynamic that the mere act of composing a daily ToDo list is a waste of time, because of the everyday unforeseen crisis that needs immediate attention.

On a side note while googl’ing for the book I stumbled upon an interesting article of the New York Times. It does not bear a direct reference to the Getting Things Done but it talks about the reading lists of top execs like Steve Jobs. Interestingly enough they don’t read self-help books.

Well anyhow, is there any trick you are using to get things done and how do you feel about the daily ToDo lists with hindsight to the daily interruption.

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