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5 Presentation Rules Provided by Duarte using Power Point 2010

Today I don’t want to talk about how cool MS Office 2010 is but more about the lessons you can learn from what the guys from Duarte say in there Power Point 2010 presentation (If you want to give it a try just click here).
By the way you can find the original blog post here.

Again since it is a message coming from Duarte it is about presentation style. In the presentation below they talk about 5 rules that every presenter should follow.

Here my summary of the 5 rules:

  1. Treat your audience as king. If you want them to listen and be interested in what you are saying, make it about them and not about you.
  2. Spread ideas and move people. Make sure that your slides don’t steel your show by making everyone read them. You are there to tell people what’s going on and your slides are there to support you.
  3. Help them see what you are saying. Consider all types of thinker. Combine images with meaning full words (not sentences).
  4. Practice design not decoration. Clean up your slides, if something doesn’t help you convey your message remove it.
  5. Cultivate healthy relationships. Be the bridge between your idea and the audience. So don’t hide! behind you slides or a podium.

So now that we all know what we and others should be doing and more, specifically that I now know what I should do, thinking back I violate at least some of them. Come to think of it, I am fairly certain that I violate all of them in some way:

  1. I often do not treat my audience as kind, I simply neglect to inform myself about the audience and skip tailoring my presentation.
  2. Animations are my weak point, often a to many, distracting from the main message.
  3. Yeah, here I guess I should run my presentations through more people, I myself often miss the point and confuse people more rather then helping them understand me.
  4. I don’t have a problem of striping not enough, its more about striping to much, missing tipping point when you get your information from your talk rather than your own knowledge doesn’t work with the audience very well.
  5. Ok here I am still missing the practice to feel comfortable enough to act in-front of people that I think know more than I do. So I need to practice practice practice.

Guys, please don’t leave me hanging! Which rules do you have trouble with from time to time?

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  1. Cord permalink
    18/01/2010 13:46

    here is also a very good video for presentaion! Take the time its worth it!


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