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OSS Projects: Software Architecture, Dynamics, Communication

Professor Frank Schweizer is a Physicist that found an interest in software engineering with a special interest in MSR. He gave us a brief overview about three project he and his students (sorry guys I didn’t get your names) are working on.

  • Software Structure: They investigated the relation between dependencies in software and co-changed file and found that it follows a Lorenz curve, meaning that 70% of the dependencies have no effect on co-changes whereas 10% of the dependencies explain 70% of the co-changes.
  • Dynamics: He presented a result that states that the growth of software entities follows a power-law of which the parameters can be estimated.
  • Communication: In their third project they look into how developer and users interact in open source systems. It was interesting that the most communication was either among users or developers replying to users. Those two communication paths explained more than half of all communication.
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