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Learning from 6000 Projects

Andreas Zeller introduced use to his groups newest tool checkmycode. The tool takes advantage of the wisdom of the crowed with the crowed being all tools that are shipped with the Linux distro Gentoo.

Andreas group is using a light weight parser to extract and compare API usage patterns within those projects and apply that wisdom to usage patterns in your program. The idea is that deviations from the general consensus of how to use an API is often faulty.

I’m going to take advantage of Andreas crowd wisdom and let him checkmycode, you should do that too!

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  1. 12/08/2010 04:33

    Hi Adrian,

    My colleagues Ewan Tempero and co at the University of Auckland wrote a paper about the usage patterns of the standard Java API. If you are interested in this work you should have a look at their paper:

    They also have another interesting project called the Qualitas Corpus, see

    Cheers Craig

    • 12/08/2010 08:30

      That sounds interesting i definitely have a look. Thanks for the link.

      For the Qualitas Corpus project, do you keep the data on your servers or are you linking to the different distributions, plus are you looking into also saving all the archives in addition to the releases?

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