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The True Purpose of Grad Courses

In one word: Papers!

And by papers I don’t mean reading papers but producing papers. Namely, N students divided into M groups should produce K publishable papers.

A graduate level course should not entail teaching from a book and hope that in a single person side project some student might create something publishable.

I personally did not opt for grad school to be taught from a text book, I am pretty sure that I can read. I joined grad school to experience cutting edge research in as many fields as possible.

In case you are teaching a graduate level course (actually it should also be extended to any undergraduate course) drop the assignment, drop the mid terms, drop the finals, and drop the books. Bundle your students I to groups give them a meaningful direction, provide them with all the knowledge they need and let them work their arises of on those projects.

I don’t believe in objective individual evaluations based on testing knowledge instead you should judge their teams accomplishments.

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