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Resources for using Jazz in a Student Course

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Hi everyone,

at SEGaL at UVic we are currently going through the final preparations to get our GSD course started. The course will teach globally distributed software development and as a focus the student will work on AgilEfant and open source agile planning tool. As it currently is, there is a team of student in Finland that already started development about three months ago and are making great progress.

One nice thing about the course is that everyone is using Rational Team Concert as development environment and we are hosting the whole project on JazzHub and it seems that the students are starting to enjoy it. I’ll be blogging more about the course, especially what we as researcher plan to do later on, in case you want to get yourself or your students started on using Jazz here are some helpful pointers:

The student team in Finland has compiled a nice installation and setup how to:


  • Install a standard Eclipse (link)
  • Download the jazz Eclipse plug-in from (download link RTC 3.0.1)
  • unzip the downloaded file
  • In Eclipse go to Help->Install New Software
        • click “Add…” to add a new location
        • click “Local…” and point it to the folder of the unzip content
        • give it a cool name
        • select “Rational Team Concert”
        • click “Next”
        • just ok the unsigned content its just a library from hp
  • restart Eclipse


  • go into the “Work Items” perspective (should be on the top right)
        • if there is no “Work Items” perspective you need to go to Window->Open Perspective->Other… and select the “Work Items” perspective
  • in the “Team Artifacts” view (should be a tab on the left side) click on “Manage Connected Project Areas”
  • click “Next >”
  • Input the following information
  • click “Next >”
  • right click (control click for mac users) on the created repository connection (something lie and select “Manage Connected Project Areas …”
  • check the “Agilefant 2012 SuperAmerica” project, it should be far down the list
  • expand the Agilefant 2012 SuperAmerica project
  • expand “Source Control”
  • right click on “Agilefant 2012 SuperAmerica Stream” and click New->Repository Workspace…
        • click finish
        • click finish again
        • this will create your own workspace and download the code onto your computer
  • and now go on and rock the project

More Information on RTC/Jazz

Arber from Rough PhD Musings was so nice to share his links from




  • Motivational Intro to IBM Jazz
  • Developing with RTC
  • Demo in 6 parts: Creating an RTC project from start to finish

If you know of more good tutorial or articles about IBM Jazz let me know.

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