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Testing the Effect of Developer Task Proximity

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In my last post I gave some pointer on how to use RTC and Jazz plus I hinted at the course project in our GSD course.

Our goals with the overall course besides giving the students a better idea about the challenges faced in a distributed project is to get some research done. We are particularly interested in finding out how awareness about coordination requirements (a.k.a. inter-related tasks) influences smoothness of coordination (Cataldo et al. did much work with that regard).

For this purpose we implemented two tools. The first tool together with Mylyn gathers and centrally stores code interactions to compute the relation between tasks. Whereas the second tool visualizes the closeness of developers with respect to a given task.

The visualization tool is based on Kelly Blincoe,Giuseppe Valetto, and Sean Groggins algorithm to quantify the distance between two developers (the paper will be published ad CSCW’12). Arber from Rough PhD Musings together with Sean Stevenson and Owen Ducket developed a this tool during their CSCW course held by Dr. Storey.

We will be using a cross-over design where we will split the students into two teams. Each team will use the visualization tool for half the course to see if increasing a teams awareness through visualizing the proximity of team members will decrease task resolution time and decrease coordination issues.

I will post more about the plans and bak-up plan for the course. It is pretty interesting planing a course involving two Universities with different schedules.

Check out the post from the lead developer of the ProxiScientia visualization.

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  1. Arber Borici permalink
    07/12/2011 01:01

    Your post instigated this other post I just finished writing:

    Thank you for all your help in manifesting this tool preliminarily!

    • 07/12/2011 16:26

      thanks for letting me be part of it, we really should make sure that it gets used in the GSD course


  1. ProxiScientia: A sneak preview of a visualization tool for collaborative software development | Rough PhD Musings

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