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Poster at Future of Collaborative Software Development

This week I presented some posters at a workshop held at CSCW 2012. The workshop was on the Future of Collaborative Software Development here the excerpt of the workshop:

This workshop brings together researchers who are interested in the evolution of software development organizations and the role of collaboration technology, such as crowdsourcing, social media, software hosting, and application marketplace services. This CSCW 2012 workshop will include brief presentations, moderated discussions, a poster session, and a forecasting exercise to inspire participants to come up with their next big research idea.

And here is my poster to the paper we submitted:

Paper/Poster abstract:

Organizations are spending effort and money on upgrading their development infrastructures such that their tool suites better integrate with each other. This new level of integration, which pushes beyond the level of coding activities and the management of such activities, is rapidly increasing across the industry. Once this integration encompasses the product development as a whole, including coding, marketing, design, and testing, we will experience a breakdown of department boundaries within organizations that mainly exists because of environments specific to each department. In consequence, teams in organizations will organize more naturally and enable easy collaboration across “departments”.

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