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Why you should let your Grad Students review for you

I recently reviewed a couple of papers for my supervisor, and I must say it is always valuable to go through this process as a grad-student for … reasons:

  • What is publishable? I know that as a grad-student it is very important to publish for various reasons but I still find myself to figure out what presents a unit of publishable work, looking at conference publications gives me only one side of the picture but through reviewing I find myself getting a better understanding on what is good enough and what is not.
  • Getting exposure to one aspect of what a faculty member does? I guess every grad-student is contemplating a career in academia at one point in time, and reviewing is one aspect.

Evil Tip
I get very excited when I review papers that cite my work, I am pretty sure others feel the same. Therefore to increase chances to get into a conference not only cite the pc’s work but especially their students work.

Chris Corley@excsc pointed out it is also useful for every grad student’s CV if you are acknowledged as a co-reviewer. And I totally agree!

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  1. Arber Borici permalink
    03/04/2012 15:18

    If you are acknowledged as a co-reviewer, and given the way the academic process of publishing (or its business) is set up, do you think it would attenuate the rigorousness of such process? That is, if you protrude as a reviewer, what qualified you as such? Was it a set of criteria, or was it a lack of time on your supervisor’s side?

    • 03/04/2012 21:44

      Personally, I think with respect to ensure the quality of research that is being admitted to conferences and journals is fundamentally flawed. As you said there is tremendous time pressure on the side of the reviewers.

      But nevertheless, graduate students are inevitably the future reviewers and how better to learn by doing and getting feedback from your supervisor? Otherwise, they or shall I say will get thrown in to the pool of reviewers without any real experience or previous guidance.

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