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What is Your Favorite Data Format?

I recently started working on a paper for the MSR-data track and started wondering what data format people would prefer.

Personally I usually use four types of data representation the most:

  • XML
  • PostGreSQL database tables
  • MySQL database tables
  • CSV
  • R-workspace

I attached a poll, so that you can vote. Of course I am aware that the list is not exhaustive so if you feel strongly enough about your favorite data format that you work with whenever possible let me know in the comments section.
On a related note, if you feel that such a question does not have a general answer but highly depends on the data that you are dealing with, in that case let’s stay practical and consider the data I want to submit to the MSR-data track.

I plan on submitting call-graphs of a java program created for every single commit while marking the methods in that call-graph that have been changed.

Or do you want all of them, at least in the form of one concrete data source bundled with scripts to convert one source into another?

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