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Espoo/Helsinki (Finland) – AgilEfant


Last week Monday we had Dr. Casper Lassenius visiting from Aalto University, Finland. Currently he and Dr. Daniela Damian are planing a course about Distributed Software Development with a focus on developing/extending code in a truly distributed setting. Besides talking about course specifics like using Rational Team Concert (IBM) as development environment we also planned on taking this opportunity to see if we can get a first evaluation of a tool that is aimed at making the concept of Socio Technical Congruence actionable.

Well, the great surprise for me that day was that it was decided that I was needed at Aalto University to help the course, which started the week after, to get going with respect to using RTC. Then I found myself on a plane to Finland the next day.

I was lucky, my luggage arrived with me and most of all according to local lore I even managed to come during the one week that had sunlight before Finland plunged into their anual period of darkness (ends in March). Well setting up all the students went rather easy and I think it is going to be a fun experience for everyone.

But not only the team on the Finish side consists of highly motivated and interested students, the program they are extending is also a great peace of software. They are extending AgilEfant which they lovingly refer to as the Finish Ferrari.

With that I leave you and hopefully, I’ll come around to write about the actual research we are planing to do and how.

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  1. 12/10/2011 07:21

    Hi Adrian,

    long time no see. How are you doing? Does this mean you’ll stay in Finland for some time?

    What is “Socio Technical Congruence”? Is AgilEfant the tool that makes it actionable? It looks nice from the screenshots.

    • 12/10/2011 20:10

      Hey Tim,

      how is life treating you? I’m doing allright. “Socio-Technical Congruence” describes the match between changed/introduced program dependencies between code owners and the social network described through communication (e.g. email, IM) between code owners. And the evidence so far suggest that a high congruence correlates with high productivity. The tool that is supposed to make it actionable is still under development ;), but we are planning on testing the tool with students developing AgilEfant.

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