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SlideologyI am getting started to enjoy improving my presentation skills. After I finished reading the awesome “Presentation Zen” book by Garr Raynolds (see my last post). Garr mentioned the book “slide:ology” by Nancy Duarte and I went out and bought it even before I was finished with his book, just to make sure that I can continue reading on that topic. Nancy is the CEO of Duarte Design a company that provides companies with a way to show the world how great they are.Nevertheless, so while I writing this post I look up a few things about Duarte and saw that they got a blog that gives you tips on presentations. I am currently checking out the blog but from the looks of it, it seems to be a pretty good addition to the book. So anyone that wants to fine tune their presentation skills should definitely check out the Duarte Blog.


The book “slide:ology” gets into more detail then the “Presentation Zen” book. It gives you concrete tips on how to represent data and how to treat your slides. It makes overall the same point such as not overloading slides and respect and embrace empty space. I very much liked the cross references to movies and theater. Especially how you need to treat you main points and how you can make your slides into more of a stage than a pure place to just plain show stuff.

So this book is especially good to convince skeptics that think of “Presentation Zen” as not applicable to presentations with complex (not complicated) ideas or concepts. So I can only recommend buying “slide:ology“.

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